3 ways SmartChem can help your business grow faster

Pharma, agro and chemical is a highly competitive industry.

While there are a lot of benefits of running a business in these industries, there are a lot of downsides, too.

You need to focus on three major areas. Research and Development. Sourcing. And Business Development. Not-so-surprisingly, these three go hand in hand.

It is impossible to create new products without a strong R&D department. There’re ample opportunities of developing a unique product and having a monopoly in the market. It’s also great for your business because then, you can price your product for high profits. But the downside is, everything is an experiment.

Without a good sourcing partner, it’s difficult to research or even produce the final product successfully. A trusted sourcing partner is essential to your R&D as well as business success. The problem, however, is finding someone who is cost-effective, delivers quickly and doesn’t leak your strategy or secret recipe to your competitors.

A good business development team is your link to the outside world. Unless they promote your products to the right audience, and tell the world about the wonders your R&D department is doing, your business won’t flourish.

As the manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure all three departments function efficiently and have access to all the resources they need. All this being cost-effective is also your responsibility.

Imagine the potential of a knowledge-base which helps each of these departments with all the data they need. Imagine finding information about buyers, suppliers, chemicals and products in minutes not days. Your dreams of being better than the best in the business can finally come true.

SmartChem by Row2 is the ultimate knowledge-base for global suppliers and chemicals. With SmartChem you unlock new opportunities for your Pharma, agro and chemical business.

Here are 3 ways in which SmartChem helps you get ahead of your competitors.

And grow your business faster than ever.

1. Explore Markets and Opportunities

A major part of R&D is understanding what your customer wants. Unless you know their problems you cannot create a product that’s right for them.

There is a constant need to monitor the market, understand your consumers and give them a solution.

2. Identify Partners and Suppliers

As with any business, it’s extremely important to seize an opportunity. Identifying a problem is one part of the story. Creating a solution is another. Doing both at the right time is the key.

With SmartChem, you can easily find partners and suppliers. Whether you are looking to tie up with someone who can add value to your team. Or looking for a supplier to quickly deliver the resources you need for research or production. Everything is available in one place.

3. Save Time and Resources

Research is extremely crucial to your business. But it’s very time consuming. Research professionals will agree than you spend more time looking for references and details than the actual objective of your research. The biggest reason for this is - there is no one database for all the information you need. You need to look for information in multiple places.

SmartChem’s vast database gives you access to everything you need. You get quick information on applications, products, routes to synthesis, competitors, suppliers and more.

SmartChem is our master source for data searches. We have benefitted from evaluating different business scenarios with it.

- Amit Mishra

Assistant Manager-Product Mgt, Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd.

SmartChem by ROW2 Technologies is the ultimate knowledge-base of global suppliers & chemicals. It powers 800+ companies in the Pharma, agrochemical, and chemicals businesses worldwide. Try SmartChem today.

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