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ROW2 Technologies, Inc. provides solutions & services that are benefiting research and development, business development & sourcing professionals in the Life Sciences and Chemical industries. ROW2 has core strengths in synthetic organic chemistry, creation of knowledgebases on the chemistries and global chemical companies. ROW2 has developed and owns unique Route Building Software.

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Route Design SmartChem
  • Explore novel and commercially viable routes to your target
  • Cut cost of development
  • Meet aggressive deadlines
  • Expand your intellectual

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  • Expand your business
  • Identify Raw Materials "used in" a finished good
  • Gain insights into your competitive marketplace
  • Locate global suppliers of chemicals with their DMF,VMF and CEP status

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SmartChem provides alerts on additional REACH High Concern Chemicals thus raising the count to 138

SmartChem Celebrates 10 Years Anniversary Message from the CEO

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